UI Components

The Afterpay Android SDK provides powerful and customizable UI elements that can be used out-of-the-box to allow users to shop now and pay later.

The Afterpay SDK contains a list of valid consumer locales that are available for each Configuration locale. If none are matched then the checkouts will not work. Therefore, in such a situation, all presentation elements will be hidden. Furthermore, a public read-only property is available at Afterpay.enabled, and this will be set to false. This property should be used to conditionally show or hide any related views to avoid a scenario where empty views take up unnecessary space. A simple implementation of this can be seen in the example app, specifically in the CartViewController, ComponentsViewController and WidgetViewController.

Color Schemes

Color schemes can be set on the badge view or payment button to either have a single style in both light and dark mode or to change automatically.

// Always black on mint
badgeView.colorScheme = .static(.blackOnMint)

// White on black in light mode and black on white in dark mode
badgeView.colorScheme = .dynamic(lightPalette: .whiteOnBlack, darkPalette: .blackOnWhite)

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